improve margins, capture more transactions during peak periods




run your store, capture more transactions during peak periods



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Accelerate shopping


Scanning products and standing in line are things of the past. Inokyo keeps track of shoppers' virtual carts in real-time. When you’re ready to checkout, simply tap your card at a terminal.

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How It Works

Automatic Check-in

Our system automatically detects new customers as they enter your store. No gates, turnstiles or apps required.

Virtual Cart Tracking

As you shop, Inokyo keeps track of your virtual cart. Take an item and its added to your cart. Put it back, poof! It’s gone!

Tap & Go Checkout

When you’re ready to go, approach an Inokyo Terminal. Here, your virtual cart is instantly retrieved. Just tap the App to complete the transaction. No phone? No problem. Swipe any traditional payment card and you’re on your way.

Technology meets service

The future is here

We’re coupling state of the art machine learning with rigorous engineering to provide retailers a platform that’s dependable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days in a year.

Simple hardware. Mighty brains.


Digital Store Dashboard

Omni-channel Integrations

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Get your digital store in 3 simple steps

Overnight Installation

Our camera based solution is fast and easy to deploy so store hours are never disrupted.

Shadow Training

Our system learns from actual customers to fine-tune itself to your specific store.

Go Live!

Go live and leverage the power of Inokyo's digital platform.


Inokyo-powered Omni-channel

The future of shopping is both offline and online. It's customers getting what they want, when they want it, at the best price possible. It's removing barriers from transactions and enabling more. It's fostering a meaningful digital relationship between stores and consumers that resemble the relationships from the roots of retail.

The future of shopping is Inokyo-powered omni-channel. By providing a digital interface into physical stores and understanding who did what in real time, Inokyo is creating ​true omni-channel — not ​kinda​ omni-channel.

Why retailers love Inokyo

Inokyo is the omni-channel platform designed to power the next generation of retail.

Intuitive experience

An experience designed for the tech-savvy and the tech-averse alike.

Real customer insights

Leverage a whole new level of store data to better know and serve customers.

Improved store economies

Increase operational efficiency and use AI to optimize product pricing.

Your Digital Foundation

Integrate your shopping channels to gain cross-channel insights and drive sales online and offline.

Privacy by Design

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