Autonomous stores for everyone.

Run your store from home. Inokyo brings autonomous checkout to physical stores, transforming retail economies and making offline shopping as convenient as online.

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Why Inokyo?

Accelerate shopping. Scanning products and standing in line are things of the past. Inokyo keeps track of shoppers virtual carts in real-time. When you’re ready to checkout, simply tap your card at a terminal.
  • Run your store remotely and let your employees work from home.
  • Capture more transactions during peak periods and reclaim sales lost to long lines. Improve margins by more than 10% and even run your store 24/7.
  • Best of all, our solution only relies on overhead cameras, so set-up takes hours, not days.

Meet Inokyo AutoCheckout

Inokyo AutoCheckout is an AI powered retail experience your customers will love. Check-in, shop and walk out. Eliminate lines and deliver the convenience your customers have come to expect with e-commerce.

Give your store the technological foundation necessary to move fast and stay relevant. Capture more transactions during peak periods and reclaim sales lost to long lines. All this, with a 10% improvement in margins and a store that operates 24/7.

Our solution is up to 99% accurate guaranteeing a flawless experience for both you and your customers.

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How It Works

Automatic Check-in

Don't turn away customers for the sake of an app. Our system automatically identifies new customers, and keeps track of their virtual shopping cart.


Seamless Shopping

Inokyo recognizes your products no matter where they’re placed in the store. You can update, add, and reprice your inventory via Inokyo’s dashboard.


A New Express Lane

Scan out with the Inokyo powered app to checkout. No app? No problem. Swipe a credit card at a Inokyo terminal, and just walk out. Never wait in line again.

Walk out is
the new checkout.

What We Deliver

Simple Cameras

Our system only uses ceiling cameras in any store layout. No retrofitting of shelves or re-arrangement is necessary.

Overnight Deployment

Our team will deploy our hardware and catalog your inventory overnight. Store hours are never disrupted.

Management Dashboard

Track inventory, key store metrics, and update products and pricing via the dashboard.

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